The first school to be established on C. N. campus was the high school in 1926 – 14 years after the boys hostel started. The schools developed out of lack of quality education in other schools at that time and their failure in meeting with the real educational needs of the students. The founders of C. N. school emphasized on holistic development of students – which included life skills and inculcating the value of self-reliance.

With this purpose, firstly the high school was started, followed by middle school, primary school and pre-primary school in that order. The schools, when started endeavored to fill the gaps in education and also to meet the needs of the time when they were started. Very recently, in 2010, an English medium school was also started. Today, C. N. schools stand for simplicity in conduct, transparency in its activities, academic excellence – turning out students with well-rounded personalities.

All the schools at C. N. are co-educational. Equal number of boys and girls are given admission every year.  Students of kinder-garten and primary school (Standards 1 to 5) do not adhere to a school uniform. School dress is introduced from standard 6 onwards. Students of C. N. wear uniforms of hand-spun white khadi.

For better functioning and management, the schools are divided in to 4 different groups:

Shishuvihar (1945)
Bal Vidyalaya (1941)
Kishor Vidyalaya (1926)
Vidyalaya (1926)
English Medium School (2010)

Each of these schools has a different team of teachers headed by a principal. All the schools have their own independent libraries that cater to various age-groups and interests thereof. All the schools have their own playgrounds and lab facilities.