Sister Trusts

Vasumati Charity Trust

There are six educational institutions run and managed by the Vasumati Charity Trust under the umbrella of (Smt) Manekba Vinayvihar. Manekba Vinayvihar was founded by Indumatiben Chimanlal in 1959 with the purpose of providing educational opportunities to girls from rural areas. This educational complex spread over a large plot of land, is located near Adalaj village on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway. Incidentally, the stepwell of Adalaj is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Vidyavinay Mangal Nidhi Trust

This Trust was set up in 1962 with the objective to contribute to the educational, mental, cultural and ethical development of past and present students of C. N. Vidyavihar, irrespective of their religious affiliation, caste or creed. The Trust seeks to help them by offering loans, scholarships, freeships, clothes, medical reimbursement, etc. The approach of the Trust is very positive and it desires to extend its reach to the teachers of Vidyavihar and Vinayvihar at Adalaj. The following are the activities of the Trust at present:

  1. Awarding prizes to students for their outstanding achievements from an earmarked fund of Rs. 10 lakhs.
  2. Advancing loan to boys to pursue higher studies and giving scholarships to girls from the earmarked fund of Rs. 30 lakh
  3. Awarding Snehrashmi Paritoshik to a devoted employee of Vidyavihar or Vinayvihar; 33 employees have been awarded so far.
  4. Offering prizes to the State-level elocution competition in memory of a former teacher of Vidyalaya Smt. Willyben Dewan. The competition is held for the last 15 years.
  5. Giving financial aid to chhatralayaa inmates.
  6. Offering medical aid to needy employees.

Khadi Mandir

During the freedom struggle, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the women to join the movement. Under the inspiration of Sardar Patel, in 1930, Shankarlalbhai Banker, Ansuyaben Sarabhai and Smt. Mrudulaben Sarabhai were asked to select a few women to join the freedom struggle and picket liquor shops and persuade people to boycott foreign goods. The purpose behind this was to promote Khadi. Since the establishment of Khadi Mandir on 1st January, 1932 it has became a symbol of self respect and self-reliance. Khadi Mandir provides employment to lacs of socially deprived women. ‘Indumatiben Khadi and Gramodyog Vikas Fund’ was created in memory of Smt. Indumatiben Chimanlal. The interest from this Fund is utilized to pay remuneration to the tribals and lepers involved in spinning.

Samunnati Trust

Samunnati Trust was established as a self-help group for poor and needy women to enable them to earn a livelihood working from home. Women are taught tailoring and stitching, provided a pair of sewing machine and scissors at home. One in a week, women are assigned pieces of cloth to stitch garments; they return the stitched garments and come home with new orders. Women also run a kitchen canteen; the snacks are served to students of C. N. from a small canteen space. Computer and language classes are also conducted for women. Today the Trust supports about 250 women as part of this group.