C. N. Kalaniketan was established in 1981 with a view to develop it into a full-fledged music school. It however remained Indumatiben’s unfulfilled dream.

It is perhaps the only institute offering gayan, vadan, nritya & natya under one umbrella. The objective of the Centre is to instill in students appreciation for the classical art forms and also pursue it to the best of their abilities. Students of five years and above can seek admission to these classes. The approach of the curriculum is to make students aware about Indian literature and music and equip them with the necessary skill set and knowledge in their chosen field.

The Centre functions out of Indumatiben’s Chandan bungalow, it comes alive in evening (after school) with students participating in its various classes namely, vocal, harmonium, table, theatre and dance. More than 200 students are enrolled in the various classes. Students also get advantage intensive training in the form of periodic workshops and concerts and talks by eminent performing artists. Kalaniketan organizes its annual programme for its students to showcase their talent and hard work and perform before other students and parents what they learnt through the year. The effort is not only to make them good students of music but also make them good human beings.

Kalaniketan has also initiated Sunday Forum covering a host of art and sports activities. Every alternate Sunday mornings, students are engaged for 3 hours in different activities like meditation, yoga, Indian Games, free-play or model making, singing and dancing also. Students between 5 and 15 years can join this activity.

Message from the Director
Music is the greatest stress buster. Swara (musical note) is the one of the surest way to reach God. At C. N. Kalaniketan, students are taught to adopt the Swara and shabda (literary) as a form of worship to the higher being, thereby sensitizing them towards the rich cultural heritage.
Trupti Rawal

Staff Details

Trupti Rawal (Director) Sangeet Visharad Indian Classical Vocal Music
Rujul Shah (Coordinator) Sangeet Visharad in Vocal and Harmonium
Shri Mrudula Parikh Sangeet Visharad Indian Classical Vocal Music
Kashyap Trivedi Sangeet Vishard in Tabla
Prapti Shah Sangeet Visharad in Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam)
Radhika Marfatiya Upantya Visharad in Kathak
Arjav Trivedi Theatre Actor and Director, Children Theatre Faculty
Kumar Amrania Sunday Forum Faculty
Bhumi Trivedi Assistant Harmonium Faculty

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