Fine Arts College


The Studios of each department are well-equipped with easels, desks, shaped wooden fine arts col 3.1model, partitions and other essential materials and tools. The academic study of human figure is done from the live models. The institute has a library which is upgraded from time to time. A computer lab, press for print-making process is also available. The sculpture studio has various types of equipment to handle different processes. The electric furnace for ceramic process and an electric wheel for pottery is also available. Recently, an art gallery for display of art work has been prepared by the management. It is equipped with lighting and display system. Hostel facility is also available for the boys and girls.

Building and Architecture

The foundation of the Kala MahaVidyalaya building was laid in the year 1960; thefine arts col 3 building is designed by well-known architect Shri Surendranath Kar, who also designed Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan in Kolkata. The former Prime Minister of India Shri Morarjibhai Desai laid the foundation of the fine arts building in 1960.


The students of the college regularly participate in the exhibitions, shows, camps, workshops, which are organized by the Lalitkala Academies of different states and national level or private galleries and other organizations. They achieve the awards and fellowships. Thus young talents create their own careers. The college participates in the Ahmedabad International Arts Festival every year since its inception. The atmosphere at the college dons a festive spirit during the days of the Festival. Students’ work has been highly appreciated by all visitors to this college.

Illustrious Alumni

The institute has produced a number of eminent artists who have served for the art in Gujarat and in India. Some of them are Shri K. R. Yadav, Shri Shanti Dave, Shri Chhaganlal Jadav, Shri Natwar Bhavsar, Shri Piraji Sagra, Shri Natubhai Parikh, Shri Amrut Patel and Shri Nagjibhai Chauhan to name a few.

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