Fine Arts College


Presently, the Fine Arts College (Kala MahaVidyalaya) has the following courses of study.

  1. Diploma in Drawing and Painting: The basic skills of painting are imparted here with references to different styles of painting. Students are guided to develop their own unique style.
  2. Diploma in Applied (Commercial) Art: The basic aspects of design are explained here and how the knowledge can be applied in daily life is the focus in this course.
  3. Diploma in Sculpture: Along with the basic skills of sculpting, the traditional as well as the modern sculpting techniques are taught. Also, students are taught to work on two-dimensional and three-dimensional sculpture in this way giving them a well-rounded knowledge and skills.

All the above are post S.S.C courses of five year duration at the end of which the successful candidates are awarded the Gujarat State Government Diploma in Fine Arts.

  1. The Arts Teachers’ Diploma (A.T.D.) Course: This is a drawing teachers’ course of two year duration. Eligibility for admission to A.T.D. course is H.S.C. with drawing as a subject at the S.S.C. level.

The curriculum gives a first and knowledge of methods and material of different art forms. The skills and techniques of handling the materials are taught in each department. The concept of art is explored throughout the syllabus. Theoretical subjects like art history, aesthetics, advertising and other subjects are included. The entire teaching programme is based on the syllabus of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, which has been a pioneer institution in the field. Periodic lectures by renowned artists and scholars constitute a regular feature on the program. Regular art exhibitions are held by the students either in groups or individually. This adds to the on-going process of learning, self-criticism and evaluation. Every year about 350 students are enrolled in the various courses.

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