Fine Arts College


The Fine Arts College was established in 1952 with the introduction of courses such as Applied Arts (Commercial Art) Sculptures, Ceramics etc. Since at the time when it was founded (during the Mumbai Presidency state), the J. J. School of arts curriculum was the only recognized course in Arts Education, the syllabus, at the Fine Arts College therefore, was similar to that of the J. J. School of Arts. After the emergence of the Gujarat State, a number of changes and improvements have been made from time to time to meet the local art traditions.


The institute has its own marvelous past. Veteran artist Shri Rasiklal Parikh had taken it upon himself to shape the fine arts education in Gujarat State and the C. N. College of Fine Arts became his ground for experimentation.

Student Life

fine arts col 1

The students live and work in an informal and enlightened academic atmosphere where self- reliance, self-direction and self-criticism condition their attitude to their own work in the college. This has created in the institution an atmosphere of mutual understanding among the teachers and the taught.

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