IMG_0405_1_smallTwo Pre-primary classes were established in the year of 1962, June, which were named “Baal Varg”.The number of students started increasing in 1972-73 for which, one more class was started. Three classes of senior and junior k.g. were started in June, 1991 at Chandan Bunglow, which was named “Shishuvihaar” and thus a new department came into existence. We run four classes for each, senior k.g and junior k.g. now.

Key Activities

Colours Day

shishu-07The very first lesson in the school is about colours. Students are explained the difference between primary and secondary colours. To draw home the point, the school celebrates Colour Day. Each classroom adorns a particular colour for a day – students carry to school articles of a particular colour and also adhere to a colour-specific dress code

Birthday Celebration

shishu-04During the academic year, a collective birthday celebration is held for all the students. The teachers decorate the school with balloons lending a festive atmosphere. Students are treated to a feast followed by joy rides and puppet show or magic show. All in all, this is the day when every child is made to feel special. After a formal photo session with the class teachers, students carry away small tokens as gifts. This way, children from poor families also get to celebrate their birthdays along with the others.

Sports Day

shishu-05The school celebrated sports day during the winter engaging the students in various simple games. This is their very first exposure to competition and team effort.

Cultural Programmes

shishu-06Students’ development is also sought to be done through various activities including cultural activities. During the period of one year, the teachers ensure that each child take stage at least once – either to narrate a story, sing a song or perform a dance or make simple presentation of his/her skill.

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