IMG_0405_1_smallShishuvihar is the entry point of C. N. Vidyalaya. It consists of Junior and Senior kindergarten sections. While the Jr. K. G. section is runs out of the spatial bungalow of Indumatiben, a new wing was recently constructed for the Senior K. G. section.  The school runs for 4 hours every day.

Teaching-learning philosophy

This is the stage where students pick u p motor and language skills. Taking cue from Madame Montessori’s educational philosophy, the emphasis is on formation of healthy habits, inculcation of civic sense and aesthetic sensibility. Language is mostly learnt through songs and music. Of the four hours at school, one hour is devoted to music on a daily basis.  Music, rhythm, exercises and art occupy a place of importance in the day’s programme. Within the classrooms, the teachers conduct group activities like drawing, colouring, organising blocks according to shapes and sizes, etc.

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