Pallavi Modha

Arriving at school well before the classes began or stay till late after school with my friends was the daily course of my life. Playing and even doing homework together under the trees was much better than going inside the classroom, for all of us, of course! From the Bal Mandir to the year-11 in high school and from the classroom to the playground, to the Prarthna Mandir, we enjoyed every moment and every bit of space freely and fully.
Growing vegetables, spinning Charkha and weaving hand-looms, classical vocal and dancing, painting, drama, oratory, sports etc. were learnt at different times during those years.
At Vidyavihar, freedom and discipline somehow, went hand in hand. The freedom was collectively enjoyed and the discipline was never imposed directly on any individual. However, there was a sense of awareness of expected behaviour maintained around us that made us realise the need to correct ourselves and allowing to us to do so. Later in the life, perhaps these experiences and practices helped in self-disciplining myself to live up to the circumstances I am in and enjoy life at the same time.
Vidyavihar, I cannot thank you enough for giving the best years of my life and making me what I am.