Bimal K. Raval

Batch 89

I enrolled in 1984 as a student at Sheth C. N. College of Fine Arts. I still remember the amazing feeling about the campus’s environment from my first day. C. N. environment helped me find myself and figure out the path I wanted to be on. The staff and classmates were amazing people with whom I built lifelong friendships. C. N. Environment supported me as my parent in my most difficult times. I always felt that some divine energy is surrounding me when I am on the campus. I still remember each and every place that filled me with positive thoughts during my study at the College. It was my home away from home. Even today, after 28 years I have the same feelings for C. N. environment which was my institute, home, friend, philosopher, guide, parent, nature and a source of divine energy. I am proud to be a student of C. N. Vidyavihar. I consider myself very lucky for also having the opportunity to work at C. N. as the Director of Sheth C. N. Computer Centre since last 10 years.