Shweta Jhaveri

I studied at C.N.Vidyavihar from 5th to 10th grade (1976-1981) ‘Snehrashmi’ fondly known as Zina-dada, along with other teachers used to be the backbone of Vidyavihar then. Vidyavihar always welcomed inspiring persons from various fields to the prarthana mandir daily morning session which used to colour my thoughts. I valued Vidyavihar’s emphasis on Music and the Performing arts, Fine arts, Literature, Languages, Sciences, Sports, Philosophy, meditation, simplicity and enlightenment. I loved our khadi uniform.
Personally, now that I am a musician performer, during my 6 years of shaping up at the Vidyavihar, I studied, danced, acted, orated, painted, even tried some gymnastics badly but mostly was gifted with numerous opportunities to sing at Rangbhavan and Prarthana Mandir’s stages, for audiences of about 1000 to 3000 listeners. Both these platforms and the Vidyavihar have given me a lot of love, learning and encouragement.