Dr. Ajay Praful Munshi

Batch 1964

I was a student of C.N. Vidyavihar from 5th std. to 11th std. After completing HSC, I joined the medical faculty. The seeds for my future career were sown in Vidyavihar and I am grateful to all my teachers. I learnt the lessons of punctuality, discipline, hard work etc. Prarthna Mandir was an integral part of studies. Once Zinadada was a proxy teacher in our class and taught us Nalakhyan. I still remember what he taught and have forgotten everything else. The leadership qualities acquired helped me manage about 15 other institutions. The credit of my becoming Vice-President of National Board of Examination, New Delhi, goes to C.N.Vidyavihar, and also showing the way to my PH. D. degree. We bow to you oh! Vidyavihar.