Beena Handa

Batch 1967-68

Beena Handa, Founder, Poiesis Achievement Foundation, Alumnus-1967-68,Mahamantri-1966-67
Thinking about school days is an energy booster for me; it invariably reminds me of the encouragement I received from my teachers, especially Shri Zinabhai Desai, then school Principal. I was inspired to learn new things – be it elocution, garba or solving issues democratically as a mahamantri in panchayat. Their unconditional support even when I made mistakes made me a very self-confident person. Listening to Shri Zinabhai or the guests in Prarthana Mandir, inculcated many life-long values in me. Looking back, I realize that these experiences built many beliefs like we must nurture our talents and contribute wholeheartedly to the society, which I have sublimated by becoming a Human Resource Professional. I am indebted to all my mentors.