Nitin Shukla

The six years spent in C. N. Vidyavihar (1961-1967) are the most memorable and valuable years of my life. The mental screen gets crowded with myriad images and memories – The stories heard from Shri K. C. Vyas, violin learnt from Shashikantbhai, prayers from Bhailalbhai and the soulful rendition of poems. Shashikantbhai instilled in us the courage of conviction. Wilyben and Prajapati Saheb were models of sound teaching with love and affection. Shri R. U. Dave Saheb taught us how to appreciate a poem. Dalalsaheb taught us discipline. Snehrashmiji was a picture of cheerful personality and it was a pleasure to listen to his haikus. The talks and lectures by eminent speakers shaped our minds. The Montessori Method was devoid of fear and we felt heavenly joy in learning.
The days of yore are no more……..