Gaurang Chokshi

Batch 1965 to 1971

I, Dr. Gaurang Chokshi (M.s.) orthopedic., am a proud student of Sheth C. N. high school. I studied there from 1965 to 1971 and completed my total high school education. I have never forgotten my school days. I believe that what I am today is only because of my school. The C.N. school has taught me not only the Board Courses but the culture of being honest and dedicated towards the country and the people. I believe that C.N. teaches strong ethics which all students carry their entire life. I have 20 Bed Private orthopedic Hospital running satisfactorily. I am servicing needy patients at a reasonable cost. I love to serve all my teachers whenever I get the chance. I like the school so much that I made both my kids Aakruti & Aakar study there. I am attaching the photo. Here is what I painted in 8th standard under the guidance of my painting teacher. Long live the great C. N. School!