Arvind Shah

Batch 1954

As regards to CN – my cultural mother, I consider myself fortunate for having attended this great institution which helped me in reaching my highest potential.  I came to Chhatralaya in 1947  as an ordinary student from a lower middle class family, and  left the Vidyalaya in 1954 as a ‘so called’ scholar with the highest achievement at the SSCE Board both for me as well as for  CN Vidyalaya (I am told this record is still unbroken). All credit for my academic accomplishment and the subsequent successful career goes to my alma Matter  Vidyavihar – a real Cultural Mother.

The inspiring lives of Shri Chimanbhai Sheth, Manek Baa and Indumatiben – filled with generosity, humility and caring, taught me that ‘extending your hand to the needy is not a charity but your social duty’.

As CN met the educational and cultural needs of the 20th century, I hope and pray that both Chhatralaya and Vidyalaya will dynamically transform into an institution which meets the need of the 21st century by producing world citizens, global entrepreneurs and leaders striving for world peace.  The inauguration of the CN Vidyavihar web site is one more step in that direction.